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Common questions about On Call Management

Please see below for our most Frequently Asked Questions..

  • How do I contact On Call Management, LLC?

    Click here for detailed location and contact information for On Call Management, LLC.

  • What are On Call Management's Office Hours?

    Our office is opened Monday to Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm

  • Does On Call Management have full service offices in each community they manage?

    No, On Call Management does not have full service offices in each community. We are at each community weekly; however; we do not keep a permanent office at each site.

  • Is there a way to receive communication via email?

    Yes, unit owners may OPT IN to receive emails instead of receiving print mailed communications. To opt in, please click here - OPT IN FOR EMAIL COMMUNICATION

  • How do we order an estoppel/payoff for a unit?

    Click below to download our Estoppel/Payoff Instructions. Estoppel Instructions Download File

    pdf link Download Estoppel Instructions

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Routine Inspections: We believe that to effectively manage a community, it is necessary to make regular inspections. With that in mind, our managers visit each site weekly to note any deficiencies or items that may require attention.


Assessments: Our office receives payments in house and applies it to each owner's ledger per Statute. We issue invoices, payment books or any other reminders the association requests for owners to remit payment. Once applied, we deposit the checks and account for ACH and other payments. Each month we submit a report for the consolidation of the prior month's financials.


New Owner Orientation: We provide the applications and new owner orientation packages necessary for transfer. Once we receive completed applications we submit the data for the screening to be scheduled and coordinate interviews with the Board if needed. We also update the records for new owners and provide the information they need for the association.